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It is the verse, chorus, instrumental break and repeat chorus I hear over and over again in my work as a career coach.

Sometimes clients may not actually use the word ‘disappointment’. They may complain of boredom, frustration, thwarted ambition, fearfulness or resentment. But underlying these feelings is usually that awful sense that one’s career is turning into one long, detestable anti–climax. Whether talking about job, lack of job, life outside job or lack of life outside job, these individuals feel imprisoned, constrained, stuck. They are waiting on some financial, professional or personal event that will somehow throw their world into technicolour. Like Godot, alas, it never seems to arrive.


‘Is this it?’, is an exasperated refrain I hear all too frequently.

Thankfully, the majority of people who come to me in this situation do manage to turn their careers around as a result of career coaching. In some cases this happens within an incredibly short period of time. Interestingly, the solutions have often turned out to be a good deal less complicated than the obstacles themselves appeared to be.

I would, however, be lying if I didn’t mention two additional, rather less gratifying facts:

  • Of those who come to me for coaching, a certain number do manage to improve their careers, but only very slowly and to a severely limited degree.
  • And a certain number – albeit a very small number - fail completely to turn their careers around.


One condition: disappointment
Three outcomes.
What makes the difference?

Put simply, the degree to which the client has been able to realise that they themselves were the person they were waiting for, they themselves were the person who needed to show up for things to kick off.

This book is an attempt to explain that principle in a way that you can apply to your own career, whatever your particular circumstances.

Don’t take my word for it. Don’t take a leap of faith on it. All this book is asking from you is a leap of decision.

But let me caution you in advance. This book is not written to soothe you, to leave your comfort zones intact or to keep you comfortably numb. Nor, strictly speaking, is it even written to help you. The most it can do is help you to HELP YOURSELF. It will be up to you to engage with this book and listen to the hard questions it will be asking of you. You must do your share of the work and take the concrete steps which will be necessary if you are to move out of your rut.



The Career Book: Help for the Restless Realist is a forthright self-help career coaching book tailored very specifically to the Irish Market job seeker. The book does two things:

it anatomises the ways in which people commonly sabotage their own chances at success in their careers;
it coaches the reader in the art of realising their full vocational potential.

At the heart of this book is the proposition, based upon my experiences as an on-the-ground career coach in Ireland, that everybody needs to be their own career manager. When it comes to work, staying on autopilot simply won’t work.

The book is aimed at anyone in career transition –including all variables of age, income, status, class and nationality – as well as anyone about to embark on a career path (e.g. recent graduates).

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