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A closer look at The Career Book - Help for the Restless Realist:


The Career Disappointers
This book is written as a guide to breaking your appointment with disappointment on the career front. Accordingly, I am most anxious that it not add to your litany of disappointments by itself disappointing you. So I must ask you not to bring to this book a set of false expectations. Perhaps you have already gone through a veritable forest of ‘self-help’ books? If so, then how about we try and make this your last, OK?
Career Appointers/Disappointers at a glance
Browse through Jane's model of Career Appointers and Disappointers at a glance, and see if you can find yourself in any of these cleverly constructed categories.
Example of a Career Upgrade
So how might a client of Jane's go about exploring the possibility of upgrading their career? We have of course already seen lots of examples in action in the Disappointer profiles, but let’s focus on this phase of career management in its own right.
Free Toolkit Resources
Appendix A and Appendix B of The Career Book are available online, two toolkits that will hep you self-assess your life and career
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