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Jane Downes speaks to "Dublin's Talking" on Country Mix 106.8
Jane Downes is interviewed on radio to discuss The Career Book - listen to the interview (5.63mb)


Evening Herald 2/11/2010  Feature Article: 'Jane Downes on Upskilling in this Climate' by Linda Daly.

Jane invited to give her comments The Sunday Times 26.9.2010 "Find Yourself a Job on Facebook" by Frank Dillon ( Page 15).

Jane Invited to talk at one of Irelands largest Career Events - The Career Boot Camp August 2010 - National College of Ireland

Eddie Hobbs' "You & Your Money" Magazine run a feature on Jane Downes and her take on "Career Crisis" and managing yourself through your career. August 2010 Edition page 24.



Press Release

The Career Book: Help for the Restless Realist
Launch Date: May 20th 2010
Venue: Waterstones Book Shop Dawson St Dublin 2.

Jane Downes

A mercifully waffle-free guide for post-Celtic Tiger times, The Career Book fore worded by Edward De Bono, a leading international authority in the field of creative thinking, is nothing short of a must-read for anyone either contemplating career transition or embarking on a career for the first time.

Jane Downes, one of Ireland’s leading career coaches, has spent years working with real people in the real employment market in all economic conditions. Her clients cover the full spectrum of Irish society. Many come to her complaining of boredom, frustration, thwarted ambition, stress, fearfulness or resentment. Underlying these feelings is usually that awful sense that one’s career is turning into one long, horrible anti–climax. Whether talking about job, lack of job, life outside job or lack of life outside job, these individuals feel imprisoned, constrained, stuck.

In this book, Jane treats you the way she would one of her clients. She invites you to explore a wide range of career-related topics that are by turns personal and practical. Writing in a style that is direct, honest, empathetic, irreverent and fearlessly cliché-busting, Jane refuses to reduce you to a persona or a ‘brand’. Instead she shares with you her unique ‘Dis/Appointer’ system, which she has used to great effect over the years in helping clients to understand themselves better. She then guides you painstakingly through the practical process of designing and realising a better future for yourself. Topics covered in this latter section include transferable skills, CVs, interviews, job research, ‘facing the market’, getting the most out of recruitment agencies, redundancy, recession, work–life balance and women returning to work.

The author of The Career Book: Help for the Restless Realist is Jane Downes founder of Clearview Coaching Group (www.clearviewcoachgroup.com) an independent coaching consultancy that specialises in coaching individuals and organizations through transition and change.





Foreward by Edward De Bono

This book is unusual because it is both original and practical.

It is important to remember that it is written by an experienced career coach who calls on her experience as needed. The author believes that 20 per cent of people do no need career advice but that 80 per cent do need advice and guidance.

In the first part of the book the author puts forward nine basic types of people based on personalities or simply attitudes towards career choices. She lays out these types in detail so that readers can identify with them in whole or in part. The range is very broad so by no means is the reader made feel restricted or ‘put in a box’. The author explains how each type impacts or inhibits career decisions and actions.

The author then explains in detail how to overcome the inhibitions set up by each type in order to move forward. In some cases, realisation may be enough.

The second part of the book lays out practical advice relating to putting yourself on the career market. In this way, the book encourages reflection before action.

I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who is experiencing any doubts or difficulties in their career path.

Edward De Bono
February 2010




"Jane Downes's book brings a rare freshness, wit and depth of understanding to the fairly tired genre of career self-help literature. I defy you to read the book without feeling an urge to transform your career."
- Claire Byrne Radio Presenter Newstalk FM Ireland.

‘This book is unusual because it is both original and practical...I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who is experiencing and doubts or difficulties in their career path’
- From the foreward by internationally acclaimed author Edward De Bono

‘An original, edgy and challenging contribution to the world of career thinking.’
- John Lees, author of How to Get a Job You’ll Love (McGraw-Hill)

‘In self-help terms this is the “anti-Secret ”. Straight talking, practical and painfully funny; everyone searching for their perfect job should read it.
- Rosin Ingle, author and journalist

‘This book will make you think, but that’s not all – it will give you the confidence to DO.’
- Senator Feargal Quinn

‘Jane Downes holds up an important mirror to those considering a career change. This book is a useful read for anyone looking for some inner reflection before applying for that new job.’
- Simon Carswell, Finance Correspondent, Irish Times

‘This is a really valuable book. In its focus on personality traits, its realism and its practical approach it is an invaluable contribution to all who are seeking work or fulfilment and those who are working with them. It is the next best thing to having your own career coach.’
- Fred Tuite, editor of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors’ magazine, Guideline

"Just when you that all career books were looking alike, Jane Downes comes up with a revelation. The Career Book is a truly unique take on how changes in approach and attitude will make all the difference in your successful job search."
- Brian Marrinan, Manager MBA Careers, UCD Smurfit Business School

"Jane is a visionary leader with very strong creative skills and the consummate eye for detail. No surprise on top of that she's also a fantastic author. Pick up her latest book if you get a chance and keep an eye out for one of her informative columns across the national press! Keep up the great work!"
- Declan Fitzgerald, Head of International Recruitment, LinkedIn

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