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A mercifully waffle-free guide for post-Celtic Tiger times, The Career Book is nothing short of a must-read for anyone either contemplating career transition or embarking on a career for the first time.

Jane Downes, one of Ireland’s leading career coaches, has spent years working with real people in the real employment market in all economic conditions. Her clients cover the full spectrum of Irish society. Many come to her complaining of boredom, frustration, thwarted ambition, stress, fearfulness or resentment. Underlying these feelings is usually that awful sense that one’s career is turning into one long, horrible anti–climax. Whether talking about job, lack of job, life outside job or lack of life outside job, these individuals feel imprisoned, constrained, stuck.

In this book, Jane treats you the way she would one of her clients. She invites you to explore a wide range of career-related topics that are by turns personal and practical. Writing in a style that is direct, honest, empathetic, irreverent and fearlessly cliché-busting, Jane refuses to reduce you to a persona or a ‘brand’. Instead she shares with you her unique ‘Dis/Appointer’ system, which she has used to great effect over the years in helping clients to understand themselves better. She then guides you painstakingly through the practical process of designing and realising a better future for yourself. Topics covered in this latter section include transferable skills, CVs, interviews, job research, ‘facing the market’, getting the most out of recruitment agencies, redundancy, recession, work–life balance and women returning to work.

The Career Book doesn’t just help you find a job, it helps you realise your career potential and create a more fulfilling life.

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